In order to submit support requests you need to receive account on our Bugzilla support system. More accounts from within single company or several companies working on the same project are possible. All accounts associated with a company have visibility of all support requests any member of the company has entered in the system at any time. Strict security policy prevents other users seeing titles and contents of your support requests as they may contain confidential information.

When writing a support request please include as many information as you can. This will help us respond to your questions faster. Put as many information as possible in raw text form (do not embed text into documents and attach them to the support). In case you are adding short console outputs, insert them as raw text into the comment. Longer console outputs attach as plain text files. Never ever add console outputs as screenshots of your terminal.

Once your entry is created in the system, you will receive an e-mail. All further communication with Bugzilla support system you can perform via e-mail by simply replying to any e-mail belonging to the support request. Just make sure support case number stays in the subject line of the message.