ISDN S/T interface microcode

    ISDN S/T interface microcode provides ability to interface NXP QorIQ or PowerQuicc processors with QuiccEngine technology to ISDN S/T interface using just a few inexpensive glue components and 2:1 transformer. Using QorIQ built-in QuiccEngine technology, you can connect your device to ISDN network without additional external chips.

    More Info

    ISDN S/T microcode runs on single or multicore NXP QorIQ Processing Platforms (LS1020, LS1021, T1024/40/42, P1012/16/21/25) and PowerQuicc (MPC8306, MPC8309) processors with integrated QuiccEngine communication RISC processor.

    Using QuiccEngine’s flexibility found in QorIQ and PowerQuicc devices it offers almost direct connectivity to the ISDN S/T interface requiring only small and inexpensive adaptation circuitry.

    The microcode will enable any QuiccEngine QorIQ device to be able to interface legacy ISDN networks. This adds possibility for QorIQ based products to interface legacy ISDN networks using very little additional hardware cost.

    More information about ISDN S/T microcode is available only under NDA. Please contact us at