PRISANK system platform

    PRISANK is primarily our internal system platform supporting Borea embedded hardware platforms based on NXP i.MX and QorIQ chips. It complements base chip SDKs provided by NXP by adding features that comprise fully functional embedded system. It takes care of software side support of reliable booting enabled by our platforms, fail-safe firmware upgrades and basic device management.

    We are taking care of continuously (with new versions) supporting and integrating customer specific boards and projects with all related peripherals and functionalities over the whole life span of the project. This is important, because users of our hardware platforms do not want to invest much time into maintaining system platforms but rather focusing on application development.

    More Info

    Supports Multiple Linux build/run environment – sandbox

    • OpenWrt
    • Yocto
    • Ubuntu

    More information about availability of PRISANK system platform on hardware solutions other than Boreas is available only on a per project basis. Please contact us at