• We have extensive knowledge: from PCB design to application layer software; therefore we can create entire system architecture design.

  • Out of correctly set system architecture we can create optimal microcode/multicore implementation.

  • And we constantly monitor and adapt solutions to follow application requirements.

Our mission is to help you create a system or a platform that will serve all your application needs. Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge in different segments that we can now fruitfully utilize. Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to:

– technological aspects of modern electronics
– hardware and software design practices
– physical limitations
– networking and communication processes and protocols
– big and complex centralized systems
– small but dispersed systems in big volumes
– user interaction

This gives us ability to create solutions that simply work. We are aware that efficiency of the system is closely related to how well system architecture suits specific application needs for which the system was intended. Of course good implementation plays a big role in overall system design but of same or even greater importance is the architecture of the system. Once you have it wrong, even so good implementation can not bring you back lost efficiency into your system. This is why it is important good system architecting is involved already at initial stages of each project.

Our main focus are embedded computing systems which includes:

– selecting appropriate CPU type
– attaching memories and storage to the system
– inter-connecting several CPUs together to achieve higher computational power
– combining various I/O blocks in such a way they work seamlessly together
– providing network connectivity