Why you should choose


    We take our work seriously because we know our solutions are used in many mission critical applications where they simply can not fail.


      Even when things become hard we will not give up and leave you alone . We will stubbornly insist on finding the solution to the problem.


        This is what we have built into ourselves. You can expect sometimes almost crazy solutions just to resolve what seems to be impossible.


          While never forgetting how things were done in the past we are open to new ideas and trends future is bringing us.

          Our knowledge can help you

          Whether you are stuck at a specific issue on the project or you simply just do not have enough free resources available internally to do everything yourself, we can help. It does not matter whether it is a nasty software crash, perhaps a problematic PCB layout causing you big headache not passing EMC certifications or missing knowledge how to implement latest DDR technology on your board.

          One stop shop

          As mentioned in our Embedded Design Services section we are able to create complex embedded electronics designs. And not only designs. We do understand and offer the whole process, from creating system architecture, selecting appropriate hardware and software components to organising production and passing worldwide certifications, for simple of high-frequency and RF enabled designs.

          As a full design service or just small part of the process we are able to offer our consultancy services.

          We are able to lead the process if required (for example you being a small startup without rich experience) or integrate into your existing R&D processes and best practices.

          Perhaps the most important step. Getting it wrong might cause you a lot of trouble and unwanted expenses down the road. Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge in different segments that we can fruitfully utilise to see where the architectural problems of certain solution are and/or propose a new one that will resolve that problems. Or simply work-around the limitations set by give architecture and still help you get out of it the most it can give you.

          Many customers are coming to us desperate after trying all their wild and wilder ideas to find the root-cause of their hardware issues. Let it be device not booting reliably over the whole temperature range, data being corrupted in external DDR memory at unknown occasions, application level software crashing due to improperly designed power supplies, board resetting in high externally enforced EM fields, WiFi connection not having enough reach… All this is not only work for us. It is always a challenge. And fun. Let us find that crazy little thing causing bad nights.

          Software design can get complex these days. And so do the problems. Perhaps it is just a look of another skilled engineer at your code what is missing? Or maybe a warrior armed to the teeth with all the tools to push the bug that has been bothering you for weeks? Or is it perhaps just a hardware issue which is triggered exactly and only by your code and only with specific version of your software? Life was not easy on us either, but we have some tools…

          Whether it is your hardware showing signs of ageing when running new software or just uncovered a fresh bug in the silicon that requires CPU intensive workaround or market simply requires you to provide more capable device – one of the solutions is rewriting the software or portion of it to perform tasks more optimally therefore giving you much more performance out of existing systems or even postponing the need to re-spin the hardware.  This is our core business and what our team initially started with. Our broad knowledge allows us to seek solutions beyond the limits of usual methods and we can therefore create solutions with order of magnitude better performance compared to industry standard results. Have a look also at our Extending system possibilities section.

          The fun part. After all the efforts you have put into your project, certification authority decides to send you home. What now? It might be something simple and trivial or something buried deep down in the inner layers of your PCB. We are able to fix your issues with various types of EM failures (excessive emissions during electro-magnetic test, intolerance to EM fields, RF circuitry not obeying legally defined limits, ESD events frying your boards, …).

          We can:

          • diagnose and locate issues
          • fix issues
          • join you at certification lab and help you steer thru the process

          Even with the certificate in your pocket bad luck might sometimes try hard to find you. We can help with instability in the production process which is causing bellow acceptable yield or devices in the field operating abnormally or similar. Unfortunately there is no good prescription what to do in each individual case, but we make sure we come to the bottom of it.

          Core Services

          • Conception

            Using all our broad knowledge in this first stage of any project we make sure we thoroughly think all aspects. This is the right place and time to do the thinking. And we are good at it since our projects deliver what they were supposed to initially.  We are used to  create systems that are efficient in complexity, power consumption and cost.

          • Hardware development

            The ideas gathered in the first place we can realize in very simple or highly complex hardware designs. Our team is capable of designing multilayer PCBs populated with biggest chips currently available on the market.

          • Software development

            Once the hardware is done we can bring the software to your hardware including porting the OS to the board or creating embedded software for various platforms.

          • Optimizations

            You will probably agree that in system software is playing bigger role than ever. We can create a software that will squeeze the last breath of power out of your hardware. Some times we go as deep as tweaking a couple of assembler instructions to get a faster code.