pingvinWe can offer you software design services as part of our complete system/product design service or as a stand-alone software-only project. In either case we can guarantee a devotion of highly proffesional team working in embedded software design for many years.

Our main competence is developing wide variety of embedded software running on single-core 32-bit machines up to multi-core 64-bit high-end processors. We also poses deep knowledge of network processor programming. For more information on this topic refer to our Datapath programming service.

Core competences of our software team are:
– operating system portation to new platforms
– device driver developement
– bootloader development
– low level system software development
– highly optimal paralel algorithms for efficient multi-core processing
– platform specific, cache and pipeline optimized code for complex algorithms
– hardware assisted processing
– cross platform porting of open or closed source software

We are able to offer you generic embedded application design where the complexity is smaller, but our team preffers the challenges.

Among the OSes we do support:
– OS-less/baremetal systems
– various flavors of Linux
– VxWorks

These are the operating systems we have deep knowledge about. However we are confident we can provide efficient services also on others.

For each OS we can:

create drivers
modify/adapt kernel
create user-space applications

The processing architecture where we have developed our most beautiful solutions are based on Power, however we are at home in ARM architecture.

Although we are in 21st now, we still dare to develop entire solutions i. assembly code on multi-core 64-bit machines when the problem to be solved requires it.

Wildest ideas bring even the fastest processors down to their knees. That is where our solutions can help you out.