Rakun LS1 is a Single Board Computer based on NXP’s LS1021A processor, member of the QorIQ Layerscape 1 family. It features up to 5000 CoreMarks of CPU power, 1GB DDR3L memory with ECC, 1GB NAND Flash, 32MB qSPI NOR flash, 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY, HDMI display output, 4 6Gb/s SerDes Lanes used for SGMII/PCIe/SATA, PWM channels, CAN bus, UARTs etc.

    It is a Qseven form factor. It offers interfaces, used in telecom and industrial applications.

    It runs Linux operating system.

    Rakun LS1 Qseven module

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    NXP LS1021A CPU, dual A7 cores running up to 5000 CoreMarks.

    Dual-core Cortex A7 architecture. 32KB data and 32KB instruction L1 cache per core. 521KB unified L2 cache. Floating point units, NEON co-processor. QorIQ trust architecture.

    QUICC Engine uLite block: 32bit RISC controller, 2 UCCs. Supporting HDLC, TDM, UARTs (PROFIBUS).


    1GB DDR3L memory with ECC. 1600MHz data rate, 32 bit bus. Optional capacities are 256MB, 512MB, 2GB and 4GB (commercial temp range only)

    1GB NAND flash (8 bit bus). Hardware accelerated high speed access with ECC support. Optional capacities are 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 2GB.

    32MB QSPI NOR flash. Optional capacities are 4MB to 512MB. It is the default boot memory. There are two devices on the bus, boot agent can swap them in case of boot failure.


    Ethernet Interfaces

    • Up to three 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, one with PHY on module, two SGMII Ethernet ports off module. IEEE 1588 precision clock synchronization.

    USB Interface

    • USB 3.0 Interface with PHY or USB 2.0 OTG interface with PHY.

    PCIe Interface

    • Up to 2 PCIe Gen2 interfaces. Single up to x4, dual up to x2. PCIe ports are shared with SGMII and SATA ports.

    SATA Interface

    • One SATA 3.0 (up to 6Gb/s) interface

    UART Interfaces

    • Up to six UARTs with FIFO.
    • Two full featured UARTs with hardware handshaking (16450/16650 compatible) or four standard UARTs without hardware handshaking (Null-modem).
    • Two additional full featured UARTs with hardware handshaking on QE. PROFIBUS is supported.

    CAN Interface

    • Four CAN buses. CAN PHYs are not on module.

    Other interfaces

    • Two HDLC interfaces (Synchronous or asynchronous).
    • Two TDM interfaces with up to 128 channels, each running at 64Kbps.
    • Two l2C buses.
    • SPI interface with two CS. QuadSPI interface used for boot flash.
    • ESDHC/MMC/eMMC interface
    • PWM channels.
    • I2S, S/PDIF interfaces
    • GPIOs

    All the above interfaces are not available simultaneously. Availability depends on the pinmuxing of the CPU.



    • Display controller unit (2D-ACE) 24-bit RGB (12-bit DDR pin interface), up to 2032×2047 pixels max.
    • HDMI transmitter up to 1280×1024 @72Hz

    Display interface availability depends on the pinmuxing of the CPU.


    Power Supply

    • Single 5.0V DC, +- 5%.
    • On-board regulators, brown-out detection and watchdog.
    • Typical power consumption TBD during full operation.
    • Power-save mode.


    • Dimensions: 70×40 mm, uQseven form factor.
    • Attachment: Qseven 230 pin edge connector. Additional mounting holes for reliable attachment.


    • Storage: -65ºC to +150ºC
    • Operation: -40ºC to +85ºC
    • Humidity: 5% to 90% Non-Condensing
    • Electrostatic Discharge Tolerance: 2KV
    • Pb free, ROHS compliant


    • CE

    Operating Systems

    • Linux
    Past LS1 Carrier board

    Past LS1 is Qseven carrier board that in addition to standard Qseven features supports additional interfaces provided by Borea Rakun LS1 Qseven module.

    Rakun LS1 module can be strictly Qseven compliant or can be configured to expose Freescale QorIQ specific interfaces. In such Rakun LS1 module configurations modified carrier board must be used to fully utilize module interfaces.

    See Downloads tab for support documents.

    Qseven slot

    • Supports Qseven standard 2.0 + additional proprietary pins used for QorIQ specifics, present on a RakunLS1 board.

    Ethernet Interfaces

    • 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet port, IEEE1588
    • 2x RGMII ports (multiplexed with GPIOs and other interfaces) available on pin headers
    • 2x SGMII ports available on debug connectors
    • Ethernet add-on board for RGMII ports available. Supports 1000BaseT and 1000BaseX

    USB Interfaces

    • Single USB port. Works as:
      • USB 3.0 routed to USB 3.0 connector or
      • USB 2.0 routed to USB 3.0 connector or
      • USB 2.0 routed to mPCIe slot or
      • USB OTG routed to USB OTG connector


    • SATA 3.0 with power connector 5V

    HDMI Interface

    • HDMI 1.3

    SD Card

    • MicroSD slot. Rakun supports booting from SD

    PCIe Interfaces

    • MiniPCIe slot with PCIe 0 lane from Qseven and USB
    • Normal, half and extended size supported


    • Four 16450/16650 compatible UARTs with FIFOs. CMOS levels interfaces. Two of them can be routed to the USB2UART converter.
    • Two additional QUICCEngine UART interfaces.

    Debug console

    • USB to UART converter implemented on board for easier PC connectivity
    • UART1 or UART2 from Qseven can be routed to the console


    • Two GPIO connectors with 26 GPIO signals available
    • GPIO1 interface is multiplexed with RGMII, IEEE1588, PWM
    • GPIO2 interface is multiplexed with RGMII, CAN, USB2, PWM

    QUICC Engine

    • Two UCCs, supporting TDM, HDLC, Bisync, UART, Transparent …
    • QE interface is multiplexed with I2S, S/PDIF, GPIO, HDMI.


    • MikroBus module slot for extension purposes (SPI, UART, I2C). Allows connecting many of the shelf extension boards.

    Aux SerDes

    • Remaining three SerDes lanes from Qseven (Lane 0 is used for PCIe) are available on auxiliary testing connectors. SATA type connectors. Available interfaces:
    • Up to 3x PCIe
    • Additional SATA
    • 2x SGMII

    Power Supply

    • 5V DC, 2A Input
    • Onboard regulators for 1.5V and 3.3V.
    • Typical power consumption depends on application. Power consumption without USB, Qseven board and miniPCIe board: 8mA.


    • Physical Dimensions: 143 × 92 mm.


    • Storage: -65ºC to +150ºC
    • Operation: -40ºC to +85ºC
    • Humidity: 5% to 90% Non-Condensing
    • Electrostatic Discharge Tolerance: 2KV
    • Pb free, ROHS compliant

    RakunLS1, Product brief

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    RakunLS1, Qseven SBC module with LS1021A, HW Specification

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    PastLS1 Qseven carrier board for Rakun LS1

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    RakunLS1, Qseven SBC module with LS1021A, Software user manual

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